GEMDAS® Educational Services, LLC was started in 2007 by award-winning teacher Lora Kermode when she made the difficult decision to leave a tenured teaching position in an inner-city school district she loved to embark on her mission: to change the way math is taught. Her mission is to make teaching and learning math easy and FUN for everyone!

Lora Kermode (“Ms. Kermode”) is a loved and respected teacher who has a gift to teach in a way that makes Algebra, a subject that can be daunting to so many, come alive with color, visual aids, movement, and other interactive strategies she developed early on in her teaching career. Lora is highly intuitive and regularly taps into her intuition when teaching and doing workshops. Her specialties include:

♥ Teaching to all the different learning modalities
♥ Actively engaging students
♥ Helping students (and adults!) overcome any fears of math they may have
♥ Building deep conceptual understanding
♥ Helping students see connections among concepts
♥ Helping students retain information
♥ Bringing positivity and JOY to teaching and learning math!

Lora is fully credentialed and has broad experience educating students in inner-city public schools, including teaching Algebra 1 to ninth-grade students in a Title One high school in the Los Angeles area. The students she taught with her innovative techniques outperformed the school, district and statewide averages based on state standardized testing data.

She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including Teacher of the Year within her third year of teaching and the prestigious Governor’s Teaching Fellowship. She has been featured on multiple morning news shows and CNN Headline News.

Lora has mentored veteran and new teachers, including serving as a Support Provider for the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Program. She has collaborated with department members to develop standards-based pacing guides and was appointed as a Team Leader for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process.

Since starting GEMDAS® Educational Services, LLC in 2007, Lora has conducted workshops for teachers, students, and parents nationally and internationally in this revolutionary approach to math, including her popular Fraction Motions® workshops. Lora has extensive experience presenting workshops for the homeschool community and has presented her popular Family Math Nights around the country and overseas.

Teachers have been inspired to implement the strategies immediately in their classrooms resulting in more ENGAGED, EMPOWERED and SUCCESSFUL students!

Due to the tremendously positive response and demand for her workshops, Lora was guided to make them more readily available to teachers, students and parents. Thus, she created and produced the Algebra Basics video series (available now!). Additional video series are currently in production. 

Lora has devoted her life to making Algebra accessible to all and spreading her message of JOYFUL learning.

In her free time, she loves traveling with her husband and their dog in their RV, tending to her many plants, riding her bike, seeing live music, dancing, playing Rummikub® and walking in nature.

Lora Kermode is dedicated to making math easy and FUN for everyone!

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