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A Research-Based Approach to Algebra Intervention that Works

GEMDAS® Algebra Success® strategies are multi-modal techniques for teaching and learning Algebra that were developed by Teacher-of-the-Year Lora Kermode. While teaching Algebra to inner-city ninth graders who historically struggled with the subject, Kermode developed a system for teaching Algebra in a creative, memorable and interactive way that’s designed for students to gain a conceptual understanding of math while having fun. The students she taught began to develop a newfound confidence in math and went on to outperform the statewide average on standardized testing year after year.

The strategies are geared toward all the different learning modalities such as visual, kinesthetic, and auditory and include the use of visual aids, posters, color coding, kinesthetic movements, raps, and chants. Kermode’s personal mission is to change the way math is taught, to bring positivity to classrooms nationwide, and to help students and adults overcome their math phobias.

Ideal for Teachers, Students and Parents!


Geared towards ALL students including:

4th / 5th Grade Teachers

Middle School Pre-Alg / Algebra Teachers

High School Algebra Teachers

Intervention Teachers

Special Ed Teachers

RSP Teachers

ELD Teachers

AVID Teachers

GATE Teachers


Geared towards ALL students including:

Intervention Students

English Learners

Students with Special Needs

RSP Students

At-Promise Students

AVID Students

GATE Students


Geared towards ALL parents including:

Parents who may have their own math phobias

Parents who may have forgotten portions of their math classes when they were in school

Parents who simply want to become more involved and show their support of their child’s education!

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What They're Saying...

"Lora Kermode provides staff development of the highest quality! Teachers…return to their classrooms eager to try the new strategies they have learned. Immediately upon entering the classroom of a GEMDAS® trained teacher, it is apparent that students are meaningfully engaged in acquiring a deeper understanding of the math concepts being taught. Students experience greater success and respond with confidence!" —Monica Daley, Principal, Long Beach USD

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