Why it Works

Comments from:
Dr. Lori Desautels,
Marian University, IN

Comments from:
Dr. Paul Evans,
Marian University, IN

Ideal Algebra intervention under the RTI logic model
  • Strategies scaffold into each subsequent grade level to ensure connections are made among the concepts
Developed by an award-winning teacher
  • Lora Kermode was awarded Teacher of the Year and was selected to receive the prestigious Governor’s Teaching Fellowship
User-friendly and effective instructional strategies
  • High-quality visual aids designed for use as a daily instructional resource
  • Color coding
  • Chants / rhymes / raps
  • Kinesthetic movements
  • Metacognitive strategies
  • Emphasis on vocabulary development
  • Concepts are taught with mathematically sound strategies that work
    every time.
High-quality visual aids
  • 24” x 26”
  • Full color
  • User-friendly
  • FUN and appealing
  • Helps with retention
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Tested on students
  • Designed to work with ALL problems
  • Students internalize concepts
  • Posters are on 14 point cover stock (durable!)
  • No coating / shine (eliminates glare in classroom)
Creates a POSITIVE, math-friendly learning environment

“I like the positivity of your training, that this is for ALL students and ALL students can have success in Algebra!”

—Yvonne Carlton, Middle School Math Coach
Long Beach Unified School District, CA

Standards Based
  • Focused on Essential Standards
  • Builds strong foundation for success in future math classes
Inspires and energizes teachers…veteran and new teachers alike!

“I wish I would’ve had GEMDAS® Training many years ago… GEMDAS® has added to me enjoying teaching much more—especially after 29 years.”

—David Hartwig, 7 – 8th Grade Basic Algebra / Algebra Teacher
Lakeside Union School District, CA

Creates CONSISTENCY among teachers
  • Teachers will be inspired to use the strategies immediately
  • Each student has access to high-quality effective teaching strategies
  • Everyone will speak the same academic language
  • Online forum for ongoing support
Extremely beneficial for ALL students including...
  • ELD / ESL / LEP students
  • Students with special learning needs
  • At-risk students
  • GATE students
  • AVID students

Increases student…

  • Comprehension
  • Mastery
  • Retention of concepts
Proven research-based methodology to motivate students and raise test scores!
  • Helps students gain confidence and truly understand math concepts“The kids that normally would sit back and just be apathetic, they’re involved,…they’re actually participating without me having to call on them.”—Amy Hecht, 8th Grade Pre-Algebra / Alg 1Teacher
    Meridian Joint School District No. 2, ID
Helps students overcome math phobias
  • Helps students gain confidence and truly understand math concepts“I always struggled with math and now it’s so easy! The posters and Fraction Motions® really help me.”
    —Violet B., 7th Grade Student
Helps parents overcome math phobias
  • Helps parents feel more comfortable with math
  • Increases parental involvement with Workshops for Parents / Family Math Nights
Increases student engagement, active participation and confidence
  • Has positive affect on student behavior!
Teaching to ALL learning modalities (Howard Gardner’s multiple-intelligences theory)
  • Visual / Spatial (pictures, charts, graphs, posters)
  • Bodily / Kinesthetic (movement, physical activity)
  • Musical (songs, chants, rhymes, lyrics)
  • Linguistic (encouraging to say & see words)
  • Logical / Mathematical (explore patterns & relationships)
  • Interpersonal (learn through interaction)
  • Intrapersonal (most independent learners)
Incorporates ALL of the Top 5 Instructional Strategies that Affect Student Achievement*
  • Identifying Similarities and Differences
  • Summarizing and Note Taking
  • Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition
  • Homework and Practice
  • Nonlinguistic Representations

* Marzano, R., Pickering, D., & Pollock, J. (2001). Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-Based
Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

What They're Saying...

“The GEMDAS® strategies have been helpful to our students in learning and mastering the skills and concepts needed for success in Algebra....” —Nick Salerno, Superintendent, El Monte Union High School District

"I now feel more confident teaching my students. —Maria Peña, High School Algebra Teacher, El Monte Union High School District

"Your energy and positive outlook is exactly what I needed! Thanks! Your love of math is fun.” —Christine Reischling, 4th Grade Teacher, Pasadena USD