The 3 Components

1: Transform Students’ Perception of Learning Math

In the GEMDAS®  Algebra Success® Training, teachers will learn how to…

  • Connect with their students in a positive way every day
  • Help students experience success immediately
  • Recognize students’ success
  • Build confidence in students
  • Eliminate students’ fears / phobias of math
  • Teach with positive mnemonic devices
  •  Motivate students with built-in motivational messages
  • Teach with user-friendly visual aids as a daily instructional resource
2: Easy and Effective Instructional Strategies

In the GEMDAS® Algebra Success® Training, teachers will learn how to…

  • Teach with proven multi-sensory techniques for ALL learning modalities that will ENGAGE students and create ACTIVE PARTICIPATION:
    • Color coding
    • Songs / rhymes
    • Kinesthetic movements
    • Mnemonic devices
    • Visual aids:
      • Clear, concise, and colorful
      • FUN and EASY (approachable)
      • User-friendly
      • Helps students understand and retain the concepts
      • Creates consistency among teachers
      • Metacognitive strategies
      • Cross-curricular
3: Review of Concepts DAILY

In the GEMDAS® Algebra Success® Training, teachers will learn…

  • How to review with students DAILY
    • Targeted to eliminate common mistakes
    • Beneficial for Test Prep
    • Enjoyable for students and teachers
  • Effective Check for Understanding Techniques:
    • Immediate feedback
    • Variety of uses
  • Effective Homework Strategies:
    • Increase quality and completion rate
    • Effectively track homework completion
    • Create responsible learners
  • Review Game:  Peer Teaching / Cooperative Learning

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