Private, Charter, Homeschool

“Best training I’ve been to! And I’ve been to MANY.”

—Kimberly Martinez, 8th Grade Math Teacher
Barona Indian Charter School, California

“This is my 10th year teaching middle school and high school mathematics.  And I do consider myself a pretty good teacher.  But today at the GEMDAS® Algebra Success®  workshop, I learned so many additional strategies that I can use in my classroom that will just make my students get the concepts so much better than they ever have before….

“The school I teach at now is a private school and the students primarily don’t have any trouble or challenges with math….  But the strategies I learned today will even help these types of students succeed.  So the strategies can be used in classrooms where the students have fears of math and anxieties of math OR when the students are even accelerated in math.”

Joy Berkowitz, 8th – 12th Grade Math Teacher
Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School, California

“My 6th graders love all the songs/chants and the hand movements. They keep telling me, ‘Math is fun!’ It is the first time I had students tell me that…! And that learning is easy.”

—Mary Stewart-Oliver, 6th – 8th Grade Math / Science Learning Specialist
The Prentice School, California

“Lora’s GEMDAS® strategies can be the intervention we need to graduate more students. Excellent training!”

—Rick Larson, Educational Specialist (High School Special Ed)
Opportunities for Learning Public Charter School, California

“I love how the ideas are all connected and how easy the posters are to refer to. I love your enthusiasm and positivity!”

—Joy Berkowitz, 8th – 12th Grade Math Teacher
Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School, California

“All the strategies will help. It should make math much easier and more fun. Lora was lively and knowledgeable and made the workshops very enjoyable.”

—Derek Bias, 6th – 8th Grade Math Teacher
Westerly Private School, California

“Super kinesthetic involvement. The workshop was very engaging! Thank you!”

—Gina Ashworth, 5th Grade Teacher
Westerly Private School, California

“I will use all of the strategies. I especially liked the color coding. I enjoyed the training and think it was very useful.”

—Monica Russell, High School Teacher / School Psychologist
Opportunities for Learning Public Charter School, California

“There were many strategies that I feel are going to help me be a better math teacher. I also feel that my teaching will be more dynamic. Loved everything!”

—Lauren Takii, 4th Grade Teacher
Westerly Private School, California

“…Our students will benefit tremendously from these techniques. I like that you presented the ideas with flexibility! …Your emphasis on positive thinking is uplifting and inspiring.”

—Carly Gonzalez, 7th / 8th Grade Algebra Teacher
The Prentice School, California

“My 3 older children, 5th thru 7th grade, attended several workshops that Lora put on over the summer. My children have IEPs for math and after they attended the workshops they improved from 3rd grade math [level] to 6th grade math.  I’ve never seen anything like this…. The kinesthetic movements, the colors, the chants all helped them to understand percentage, fractions, and even solve linear equations!  I highly recommend this for all teachers and homeschooling mothers.”

—Catherine Hanna-Askin, Homeschool Parent
Long Beach, California

“This program is so wonderful… It’s given my daughter skills that she didn’t know she could ever achieve. She really didn’t have any belief in herself with math and she was struggling… With this program, she is just joyful about math! GEMDAS® strategies are amazing…. They teach kids math skills as well as the JOY of math and knowing that they CAN do it. GEMDAS® is absolutely incredible. I wish every single school would employ those strategies.”

—Susan Navarro, Homeschool Parent
Long Beach, California

“The hand motions really help me. With positivity I can do it! Thank you!”

—Joseph A., Homeschool Student