Student Testimonials

“The Six Steps to Success helped me solve large problems.”
— Alex Q.

“Absolutely GEMDAS® was very helpful because I understand it much better!”
— Kenyon D.

“I always struggled with math and now it’s so easy! The posters and the Fraction Motions® really help me.”
— Violet B.

“The Fraction Motions® helped me on my Algebra tests because if I would get stuck, I’d just remember the motions and the problem would just get easy. When I’m lost I start to sing the raps and I remember what to do.”
— Ines G.

“The Fraction Rhyme helps me divide fractions because since it’s a song and we sang it every day, I memorized it in my head.”
— Ulises C.

“I finally get it! I didn’t get it before and now I do! I have so much FUN in math class.”
— Makenzie D.

When I first started Algebra, it was hard and difficult and I couldn’t understand the concepts and how to do it. Now I really understand it and I’m getting high grades on the tests.”
— Shamyra M.

“The posters make it easy.”
— Laura H.

“Math is so fun now! The class goes by so fast. I love doing the [positive opening] chants. I always remind my teacher to do them.”
— Branson H.

“Solving equations was much easier with the Six Steps to Success.”
— Jessica B.

“I finally understand math for the first time. It’s easy for me. I never got it before, but now I do. It’s making a lot more sense this year.”
— Johnny C.

“Truly I hated fractions. I always gave up and never handled them. But now I feel great—I can take on any fraction! Nope, they don’t scare me one bit.”
— Fernando H.

“The posters help me remember what to do.”
— Jeanette G.

“The Six Steps to Success helped me on the tests.”
— Daryl M.

“I think that the Six Steps for Solving Linear Equations helped me the most because they are really easy. In the past, every time I would get equations with a lot of things to get rid of, I would be speechless and would not be able to do nothing. It really helps you because it’s telling you what steps to do in order to solve it. …Be ready to succeed!”
— Ana R.

“All of these techniques help, because everything sticks in your mind and helps you remember.”
— AnaKaren P.

“Now that I understand math, I LOVE IT!”
— Kelsey T.

“I LOVE MATH now! It is EASY!”
— Justeen S.

“The graphing poster makes it easier for me to graph!”
— Diane P.