Parent Testimonials

“I am a parent of a Long Beach Unified School District student and I’d like to thank you for your invention of GEMDAS®. My daughter’s Resource Teacher has been using your strategies and we have seen her grade move up one whole grade level. She also has shown more confidence in her ability to do math… Being an educator myself, I applaud any successful method that helps students become mathematically competent. Thank you again!”

—Zse Taun Griffith, Parent
Long Beach USD, California

“My 3 older children, 5th thru 7th grade, attended several workshops that Lora put on over the summer.  My children have IEPs for math and after they attended the workshops they improved from 3rd grade math [level] to 6th grade math.  I’ve never seen anything like this….  The kinesthetic movements, the colors, the chants all helped them to understand percentage, fractions, and even solve linear equations!  I highly recommend this for all teachers and homeschooling mothers.

—Catherine Hanna-Askin, Homeschool Parent
Long Beach, California

“Jasmine would tell me every day that she had no confidence in herself because she wasn’t doing well in math and she would call herself dumb every day and it really broke my heart because I had big dreams for her and she didn’t have dreams for herself because she wasn’t doing well in math.  And with this program now she’s like, ‘Mom, I can do it!’  She’s showing me how to do long algebraic equations.  She’s just changed 100% and she’s ready for college now.  She’s so excited about her future now and she’s finally come to life….  This program has just changed our entire lives.  So thank you.”

—Carmela Zepeda, Parent
Long Beach USD, California

This program is so wonderful…  It’s given my daughter skills that she didn’t know she could ever achieve. She really didn’t have any belief in herself with math and she was struggling…  With this program, she is just joyful about math!  GEMDAS® strategies are amazing….  They teach kids math skills as well as the JOY of math and knowing that they CAN do it.  GEMDAS® is absolutely incredible.  I wish every single school would employ those strategies.”

—Susan Navarro, Homeschool Parent
Long Beach, California

“These teaching strategies have made a great impact on my daughter’s attitude towards math. My daughter hated math up to her middle school years.  Thanks to these techniques, my daughter has gained self-esteem and confidence in math and she’s inspired to do her homework.”

—Minda L. Pamonag, Parent
Paramount, California

“[These techniques] really helped my daughter learn by creating songs…and by creating the colorful notes I would see Asia do….  I have an announcement to make—Asia made the National Honor Roll and I’m sure it’s because of your techniques!”

—Candy Benjamin, Parent
Paramount, California

The following is a letter from a parent who wrote to a GEMDAS® Trained Educator in Idaho (Mrs. Hecht) who uses GEMDAS® strategies in the classroom:

“Mrs. Hecht:  Ashtyn comes home at LEAST once a week telling us wonderful stories of how you are teaching your students….  Ted and I both just want to say THANK YOU!!!   You manage to take the most difficult concepts in the most ‘dreaded’ subject and make them FUN for kids to learn!  …You help our kids learn and REMEMBER what they learn… I can’t thank you enough for all you have done, and are still doing, to help them achieve and feel GOOD about themselves!!”

Harrilyn and Ted Ellis, Parents
Joint School District No. 2, Idaho