Common Core Aligned

“In 2013 I went back into the classroom because I wanted to see firsthand what Common Core looked like in the schools (and I missed the students!).  Thankfully I found a way to teach again and still be able to do my GEMDAS® Algebra Success® Trainings and Workshops. While teaching CC Algebra 1 classes to 9th – 11th graders, I use the GEMDAS® Algebra Success® strategies and posters on a daily basis.  My students have experienced tremendous success and gained math confidence in the process.  I honestly don’t know how I could teach a Common Core Algebra class without GEMDAS® Algebra Success®.

In order to be successful in a Common Core math class, students must be able to explain their reasoning and persevere in problem solving.  GEMDAS® Algebra Success® strategies are focused on building strong vocabulary knowledge and conceptual understanding, as well as increasing math confidence in students.  With these ingredients, students have the tools necessary to demonstrate aptitude with Common Core concepts.

Lora Kermode, Founder

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